Logo Registration In Bangalore

Logo registration in Bangalore- by Solubilis. We are one of the top most leading registration firm in Bangalore a city that is highly specialized in logo registration and trademark. We provide logo registration and design services at reasonable price and steadfast way to our valuable customers as per the new rules in Trademark Act of 1999 and TM Rules of 2017. We are a team of skilled and experienced representatives who provides quality registrations and offer comprehensive knowledge in drafting legal specifications and claims. Countless business professionals and their companies have been benefitted by our logo registration service in Bangalore. Logo is a representation of business in various fields. Some of the familiar international treaties and conventions bonded with logo and trademark are namely, “MADRID Protocol of WIPO”, ”EUTM- The European Union Trademark”, ”TRIPS agreement of WTO”, and “The Paris Convention”. The logo registration application should be filed in online at the regional office of trademark registry based on location of the entity.

Process of Logo Registration in Bangalore

Creating Unique Logo

Visualize and design a fresh valid logo for the concerned entity and the logo should be a representation of the business.

Tm Availability Search

After conducting the search across pan India to ensure the originality of the proposed logo, the unique logo will be finalized.

TM Class Identification

The class of the trademark under which it is to be registered should be finalized.

Application Filing

The trademark application is filed with the concerned trademark registry through TM- A along with government fees.

Tackling Opposition

The raised oppositions and objections are tackled legally in front of the trademark registrar with valid date of filing of application.

Obtaining Certificate

Finally, after handling all the hindrances, the logo registration certificate is issue to the registered applicant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Logo registration

Any individual or a company, a sole proprietor or a partnership firm and a legal entity is eligible to apply for a trademark registration in Bangalore.

The logo should aptly represent a company. It depends on the designer and the time spend for unique identification of logo.

Logo colours creates an impact for the customers. The colours like,

Red and orange generates excitation and Dark blue for leisure, etc.

Certainly it is possible by making a conversation with an intellectual property attorney. The logo should not infringe some others logo.

For example, a scale indicates lawyers and a roof over two wall indicates real estate business whereas a curl of smoke emerging from a mug indicates coffee. A skilled designer will ignore this and creates fresh ideas.


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