benefits of Logo registration

  • Logo registration is a quality recognition of product or service.
  • It serves as a mark of identification between hundreds of products.
  • Logo provides an edge to the market. (i.e) customers can easily recognise their favourite brand without any confusion.
  • Logo grants a good approach to reach vast number of audience.
  • Once a logo brand is popularized, there is no need to spend separately for advertisement.
  • Logo serves as a life-long support in business network expansion.
  • The logo will be marked in the name of its authorized owner for life time.
  • Logo creates good will and also long term competitive advantage in the market by building positive image.
  • Even the logo challenges in maintaining constant advancement in modernization and substantial market growth.
  • The popularity of the brand on behalf of customers and the feedback and rumour among them can be identifies through visibility of the logo.

Documents Of Logo Registration

  • Copy of Trademark or logo,
  • Applicant details - Name, address and Nationality proof
  • Date of filing the TM before getting or applying for registration
  • Company details,
  • Products or services that is to be registered
  • A signed copy of the Power of attorney on a 100Rs Stamp Paper


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