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How can I check if a logo is registered in Bangalore?

logo registration in bangalore

A logo registration, graphic icon or symbol, usually used to help or promote a business or organization. Logos are designed by experienced graphic designers using a variety of cues or company name letters. To register a logo for your organization, you must follow the entire logo registration process. We are going to refer to the process of registration of logo in the following paragraphs for your convenience.

How to check whether it is registered?


Logo registration in Bangalore does the logo Search is the first step towards logo registration. Logo search is done to determine its uniqueness, similarity to other or pre-existing logos. If you research the logo before registration, it may be the same as others and may be denied without registration. So, finding a unique logo for you would be good for you.

Fill out the Logo Registration Application Form

After finding the logo, the second step is to fill out the Logo Registration Application Form for Logo registration in Koramangala. Upon acceptance you are eligible to use TM with your applicable Logo Go. E-filling is better than manual filling as you get approval very soon after submitting the e-form while it takes 15-20 days if done manually.


Logo Registration Office issues the examination report after receiving the application. The logo registration application is strictly checked to ensure that the issued logo does not match any other logo already registered.


Upon receipt of the application, Logo registration in Mysuru publishes in the trademark journal. The publication gives third parties the opportunity to oppose logo registration. If no objection is file within 90 days of the release date, the logo registration proceeds to accept the next step.

Logo Registration Certificate

After the acceptance of the application, the Registrar issues Certificate. It takes 15 to 18 months.

Advantages of Logo Registration

There are many benefits in registration It is proof of ownership of the logo and you may publish legal notice regarding the security of your logo. It gives you the power to take legal action against anyone who uses the logo without your permission.

Significance of Logo Registration


The country’s logo is a reflection of its businesses, culture and the aspirations of its people. But there is something wrong with the Indian logo design industry.

On the business front, Forbes Global 2000 lists 57 Indian companies. A large number for a developing nation like ours. Culturally, India is rich in languages, religions and festivals

Logos with true global appeal simply do not exist. I’m talking about the Nike Swish, the Apple Pal sting, the arrow planted in the FedEx logo, and the big yellow M that you can see from the freaking mile! And if some Indian companies have such a logo, they can get it from either New York or London.

It is a collective failure, for which consumers and designers are equally responsible.

If you go to Google “Logo Design” and the portfolios of logo design agencies on the front page, you will probably find a look-alike logo designed with one purpose in mind – impress the client, we, what they want. All calculations about it are completely misinformed. This blasphemous disrespect to the basic principles of logo design is relevant. And this needs to be fixed. Start by saying no to “free” or “cheap” logos.

Rules for perfect logo

Logo registration in Bangalore gives the basic rules for creating a perfect for your brand,

Keep it unique and simple

Create a simple and understandable logo. A complex logo is not understand by the audience and is also difficult to remember. So much easier it’s easier!! Go easy!! The main idea of ​​creating a logo is to avoid imitation. Each company should have its own identity.

For example: Loot on Nike logo. How easy!! Simple and understandable. Even if it doesn’t show a caption or brand name, the audience can easily find it just by looking at its logo.

Understand the brand

Yes, the logo is a picture, but at the same time it is a prologue to a brand. Logo registration in Jeya nagar states that logos must achieve a certain gathering of people and you must keep this in mind when you design. First find out what you think about the brand; maybe even create a board with symbolism to help you remember the main idea of ​​the brand.

More than anything, identify what your logo means. Every logo has some kind of history, loaded with importance and reason. Take the Apple Pal, for example – the natural product misses the “byte”. The logo is very simple and easy to remember, though there is an extra twist that takes the circles back to the brand idea.

Never underestimate the colour

At times when considering brand identity, you need to consider every part of the logo. Someone in impressive and strong colours may be consider, though he may be in a hurry; Quiet tones exclude progress, though can be ignored. Every shading has an alternative effect and it can convey the subtlety of your message – never fall into the trap of passing on the wrong message to any simple brand creation. The logo company discharged an information-graphic featuring the “science behind colours” and the psychology of colour in logo design.

Never expect instant success

Nike; Puma; Audi; Adidas; Apple; Tata – Every great logo, like anything effective, takes the time to pick up the improvements and popularity. Regardless of the possibility you designed with a beautiful combination of vectors, logos will not turn out to gain instant popularity. It depends on the richness of the item and the business it exists.


There are many benefits to Logo registration in Bangalore once your brand gains attraction. A little effort will give you the ability to establish your right to register a logo (or word, sound, graphics or colour combination), prevent similar names from being registered by other businesses operating in the space as your business and have no assets. Will be interested to know as part of the intellectual property audit.

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