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What are the Documents Required for Logo Registration?

logo registration in Bangalore

A logo registration is a carefully choosing and unique symbol that represents the credibility of a company or its products and its services in the target market. Thus, the logo is an elegant and powerful representative of the company in the respective local, national or international markets. Therefore, creating the right logo at the national or international level and registering the right logo is definitely a delicate and fantastic process.

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Documents Required for Logo Registration

Logo Registration
Logo Registration

Following documents are need for Logo registration in Bangalore

Copy of trademark or logo

Name, address, nationality and details of the applicant for the institution of the state of establishment

Specifications of goods and services to register

If a trademark is used before applying, specify the date

The applicant must sign a Power of Attorney

Logo registration

A logo is usually a graphic-cum-literary symbol or image used to distinguish a company from all other companies with clear jurisdiction. In addition to serving as a distinctive factor, the logo can also clarify the company’s goals and vision. Therefore, logo registration in Bangalore defines logo definitely a very important intellectual property. A trademark, on the other hand, is anything literary or graphic or a combination of the two, which distinguishes a company’s product from other companies’ products in a given market.

Guide to the selection of company logos or product trademarks, regardless of business / occupation

Design of the selected logo or trademark or service mark in logo registration in Whitefield

Free trademark search for logo registration in Koramangala to check the total uniqueness of the suggested logo or trademark. Our professionals are well in the search for free logos for trade marking in any field.

Trademark infringement analysis and necessary changes to make it unique.

Logo registration in Bangalore-Jayanagar  needs the file application for registration of proposed logo or trademark with relevant zonal trademark trade fee of India (Form TM-1)

Dealing with trademark opposition cases and conducting trademark proceedings for full and speedy registration.

Logo registration Importance

Logo Registration

It provides the sole right to use the logo in connection with the goods listed in the goods or logo registration in Bangalore-Domlur.

For an organization and its brands, the logo plays an important part in the identification process, and it should be safe and secure enough in every way possible. If you trade your company with a famous brand logo or name, it must be obtained legally with trademark registration, otherwise it may be stolen. Therefore, it is always recommended to protect your brand name from trademarks.

Registering a brand logo or name as a trademark will ensure that customers recognize your brand easily and quickly. So this way the audience can recognize your brand because the trademark sets it apart. People are more likely to trust a brand that has a logo or name trademark.

The main advantage of trademarks is that they stay with us forever. Today a few hundred years have passed from famous and reputable brands.

Example of Logo Registration

Example – an automobile industry “Mercedes” which registered its name in the year 1900.

So it is a good and safe idea to register your brand logo as a trademark to sustain it for an extended period of time. Logo registration in Bangalore will enhance your brand’s reputation in the market; it reflects your professionalism in your brand image. Trademarks have always been known to establish affiliate and target customer trust in the brand by inserting the brand’s positive vibes into a person’s mind.

Imagine as much effort as you started your business, and then for the money, effort and time you will come up with a different, beautiful and smart brand logo. As your brand becomes more recognizable and your revenue increases, your competition becomes aware of your efforts to imitate you.

After a year or two, you’ll be sued by the same companies that copied you but guaranteed to trademark it. Here the lawsuit says, your brand logo design looks like your competitor’s logo design. The opposing company states that the design of your logo looks similar to theirs, originally designed by you. As such, it leads to consumer confusion, loss of brand confidence and loss of revenue.

You will then have to pay a hefty fine and go back to the drawing board to completely rebuild your brand. In this, all the processes you will lose your loyal customers, and now the local news is talking about you because the business has a tarnished reputation now you have to pay a big fine and go back to start and rebuild.


To get a trademark, or not to get a trademark, is a question that always confuses people at an early stage of the business. But if you are thinking of expanding your business. Logo registration in Bangalore is important, if you are a visionary personality or you are planning to gain an international audience in the next few years. Trade marking your logo design should be a priority. The logo looks like a beautiful graphic, but to get to this level, a lot is plan. The logo should be workable, scalable, responsive and transferable, which can be stitched, printed in black, white and used on the packaging. It should behave of significant recall value with just a glance, simple, clean and distracting free.

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