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Do I need to register logo in India?

Do I need to register logo in India

Logos are important and interesting! The association owns the logo, which is intellectual property (IP). One should sign up to increase brand awareness among expected purchasers.

Any word, phrase, or image designed to convey information to the entire organization could serve as the logo. A way for a business to be known and recognized by customers is through the trademark registration act.

How to register logo online?

Online logo registration in Bangalore is a popular choice for business visionaries due to its simplicity and straightforward strategies. You can get assistance with the logo registration process from a trademark lawyer or other legal professional.

Logo search is the most significant phase of the entire procedure. It’s important to know exactly what the requirements are for a particular logo design that meets the needs of the business.

Logo registration

A trademark is a set of characters or numbers that a company uses to set itself apart from competitors’ goods or services. A logo registration in Bangalore can assist in preventing competitors or other entities from copying a product or service.

The majority of businesses today create a brand and spend a lot of money marketing it. The investments and actions of such businesses can be shielded from untrustworthy copycats through trademark registration. The best Indian logo designers can create your company logo online.

Benefits of Logo registration

  • A logo registration in Bangalore enjoys the benefit of safeguarding the brand and business and adding to the generosity of the organization.
  • Customers will remain loyal to a business for many years to come because of a trademark’s role as a link between the brand and its audience.
  • Quality is guaranteed by a trademark.
  • This credit is given to the wellspring of the item/administration.
  • Brand registration in Bangalore helps sell products or services.

Can we register logo online?

To advance their candidacy in front of the Examiner, the applicant for trademark logo registration online must submit the following documents in addition to the Company Logo registration application:

  • Name, address, and nationality of the applicant; on the off chance that the candidate is an organization, the condition of joining
  • Goods and services to register
  • Brand name or logos duplicate
  • Date of first utilization of the brand name in quite a while, whenever utilized by you preceding applying
  • Power of attorney to be endorsed by the candidate in Rs. 100 stamp paper for Trademark registration in Bangalore.
  • A translation of the words in the mark into English is required if they contain or consist of non-English words.
logo registration in bangalore

Logo registration online

  • Finding out if a trademark is available and unique is the first step in registering it.
  • The Trademark attorney will search for its availability.
  • The application for logo registration in Bangalore can be submitted once its uniqueness is confirmed.
  • Online and offline filing of trademark applications are both possible.
  • After registering, use the user ID or digital signature to log in to the Trademark Office Portal. Fill out the application and save the information to generate a temporary application number.
  • Sign the application with a digital signature. Pay the application fee. A permanent application number is generated two days after payment is received.


  • Any discrepancies are examined following the trademark filing application.
  • The exam takes about 12 to 18 months to complete.
  • You can pass the exam without any conditions, pass it, or object.
  • The trademark is published in the Trademark Journal if it is unanimously accepted.
  • If not acknowledged, the complaints referenced in the assessment report should be satisfied in a month for the brand name to be published in the Trademark journal.

Trademark publication

This step is included to allow any objections within three to four months of publication and to publicly declare trademark ownership.

If there is no opposition, you obtain online logo registration in Bangalore. If there is opposition, the Registrar makes the decision after a fair hearing.

Registration certificate

A trademark registration certificate is issued after the application for trademark registration is published in Trademark Journal.

Difference between logo and trademark

The logo can be a design in and of itself, a design with words or letters, or a design of stylized words or letters. On the other hand, some trademarks are just letters or words without any design; however, these are not logos.

Attributes of perfect logo

  • A good logo design for a trademark must include essential elements such as colors, sketch lines, words, text, or amazing design. It should also be elegant, precise, and simple for customers to remember.
  • Any community or religious names, geographical names, or registered trademarks must not conflict with the logo.
  • The logo should not comprise of any special or infidelity words.

Logos can be copyrighted?

Yes! Copyright and trademark protections can both apply to a logo. In point of fact, a trademark typically covers a restricted set of circumstances;

Whereas copyright covers nearly all instances of copying that affects the business and purpose of the original creator.

As a result, it’s not uncommon for larger businesses to use copyright and trademark protection to safeguard their brand identity.


Keep in mind that if you trademark your logo, changing your brand’s identity in the future will require significantly more effort, and you will be significantly more committed to that logo in the long run.

Do your research before creating logos. Make sure you don’t use a logo that would be interpreted as copying the fonts, colours, or images of the major players in the industry, competitors, or similar businesses.

Ensure your work is novel, centre around your image’s character and ways of separating yourself, not acclimatize — dealing with that will seldom create encroaching work.

The registration of a logo has a significant impact on the legal administration of business services. There are certain logo registration methods portrayed by the brand name registration act in order to register all remarkable new business tries.

It is unavoidable for every business visionary to look through a remarkable logo and then apply for registration with a purpose to secure the notoriety of business association. A business gets its name and acclaim through its extraordinary trademark and logo.