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What are the documents of logo registration in Bangalore?

Logo Registration in Bangalore

A visual sign or word addressing a brand can be named as a Logo registration. It very well may be only a name, or a word, a label or even numbers that is picked by a company to address a particular item or administration it is advertising. A Logo is utilized to differentiate the company’s items or administrations from another company or companies’ items or administrations. This is particularly important when the items and administrations offered by at least two companies are same or are of similar nature. When a Logo is enrolled, it’s anything but an intellectual property of the business which the business should secure under the laws. The Regulator General of Patents Plans and Logos under the Service of Business and Industry registers Logos in India. The standards and regulations of Logos followed are according to the rules referenced by the Logo Act, 1999.

Logo Registration

logo registration in bangalore

Entrepreneurs need to top off an online application structure to initiate the Logo registration in Bangalore measure. It is also important to guarantee that the Logo name, logo or image that has been applied for is available for registration and not being utilized by other company or brand. There are several advisors who can furnish you with guidance on the most proficient method to enlist your brand name in Bangalore India.

When the Logo is finalized, an appropriate category should be chosen for it. There are various categories of Logo and it ought to be classified under the right category. When the application is documented, the applicant will get an exceptional TM number and after one and a half to two years the Logo is enrolled given there is no protest raised by contender brand or companies. The brand can then utilize ® as a postfix to its name. An enlisted Logo is valid for ten years, after which it tends to be re-established for another ten years for a nominal expense.

What can be Logo?

A name, number, or word, and even sounds and images can be Logoed. Names can contain first or second name of the individual applying, or the family name associated with the business. Words or phrases which are not indicative of the item or the help being offered can be proposed for Logo registration in Bangalore. The Logo can also partly or completely contain numbers, shapes, alphabets, images and sounds. It is suggested that you counsel specialists in the event that you wish to apply for name, image or logo registration in Chennai and other major urban communities in India.

Advantages of Logo Registration

Secure your brand name through Logo registration: Enlisting a Logo gives the business adequate assurance for its brand and its contributions. Entrepreneurs have the option to sue different organizations or brands on the off chance that they feel that the privileges of their Logo have been settled. This is absurd if the Logo isn’t enlisted.

By enrolling a Logo the entrepreneurs can gain a solid ground in the business. It demonstrates that the business has carefully contributed its opportunity to invest a legal status to its brand and that the items maintain quality standards. An enrolled Logo also delivers the brand a character that is easily recognizable and extraordinary. This gives the items a superior client recall and presence in the market.

A company can treat it’s anything but an asset. Actually like any other asset the entrepreneurs can sell, franchise, or create a commercial contract for the Logo.

Companies can utilize the Logo recording in India to enroll a Logo abroad. In like manner, individuals or organizations from different nations can also apply for a Logo registration in Bangalore.

  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Avoid Duplication
  • Secure Generosity
  • Assemble Your Brand Image
  • Acquire Legal Responsibility for Brands
  • Foster Intellectual Properties as Assets

Nobody can make a duplicate of your Logo; assuming somebody duplicate, you can take legal action against them and ask for damages

TM and R is Notoriety of your Brand and your Company.

Adaptable Capital Construction

Who can apply for Logo Registration?

An entrepreneur or company can apply for a Logo registration. The entrepreneur can be an individual, company, owner or society. It is normal advised by specialists to petition for the registration as an individual. This is because in case the business or the general public changes or gets disintegrated, the Logo gets invalid however it keeps on being valid in any event, when the individual isn’t a part of the business.

Reports Needed For Logo Registration in Bangalore

  • Brand Name
  • Force of Authorization
  • Logo Delicate duplicate

Steps Associated with Logo Process Cycle


The initial step is to search for the availability of the Logo that the applicant wishes to apply for. The proposed Logo should not be already being used by different brands or similar to a current one. In the event that the Logo is similar or has direct resemblance to any contender’s brand, there are chances that a complaint will be raised and the application may be dismissed by the Public authority. A logo or an image in a Logo should be submitted in black and white.


When the name, logo, image and so on for the Logo is finalized, the applicant has to top off necessary application structures and sign the authorization letter for the lawyers to seek after the registration cycle. It is to be noticed that the application for registration can just be finished by guaranteed lawyers. Applicants need to fill Structure 48 that grants the right to the lawyer to document the registration. There are several guaranteed consultants that assist you with applying Logo registration in Bangalore and different urban communities in India.


On getting the authorization structure and verification of details, a TM number is given to the business. The brand can immediately start utilizing TM with its name. Utilizing the TM image will mean that the brand has applied for a Logo registration in Coimbatore and subsequently the name, words or images being used are the brand’s intellectual asset, waiting for registration. When the application is submitted, it goes for verification to the concerned department of the Public authority. The Public authority also has the option to raise a complaint in case it tracks down that the proposed Logo is hostile, strict or has clear similarities with different Logos in the business.


In case the authorities are fine with the substance of the Logo a notification is given in the Logo Journal. The notification is saved for around four months and if no external parties record a complaint, the Logo is approved and enlisted inside the following a half year. In the event that there is a complaint raised by any party. There will a hearing before the registrar and any charges arising for the legal interaction should borne by the applicant. After the Logo registration in Bangalore, the brand can utilize the enlisted image after its name.


The main archives expected to apply for Logo registration in Bangalore are personality and address confirmations and company incorporation records if the application is done on behalf of a partnership, company, and so on