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Does a logo need to be registered?

logo registration in Bangalore

A logo registration can be depicted as the extraordinary distinguishing proof that isolates your item or administration from the others. A logo, picture, insignia, word, tone, aroma, and a combination of shading or illustrations might be particular. Numerous organizations ordinarily either attempt logo or name registration. The best way to ensure you as an interesting character is to patent it in the event that you build up a one of a kind thought or logo. The licensed innovation or elusive property of the organization is an enlisted trademark. It goes about as a security cover for the interest in the logo or name of the item.

Logo registration

Logo registration in Bangalore follows the steps below.

1.Logo search

Logo Registration in Bangalore

The initial step is to direct inquiry to check whether the logo you need to register has no twin in the business. This will save you from additional issue, which you may need to go through later on.

Logo registration in bangalore is fundamental on the grounds that the measure of time you contribute now will help you save the remainder of the time in the further cycle making it simple and protest free. Thusly, it is in every case better to make certain prior to applying that your image logo is interesting, unique, and has no competition in the market.

2. Filing of logo application

Whenever you are guaranteed that your logo has no other logo to comparable, you can feel free to apply by rounding out the structure TM-A with every one of the necessary subtleties and expenses endorsed.

3. Upload the required documents and do the formality check of Logo Registration

When the form is filled, you will be directed to the following stage. You should transfer the documents identifying with your address proof, force of lawyer, and in particular, the plan of the logo you need to get security for.

Formality check: After the reports are transferred, the service will run a formality check, and if there should arise an occurrence of any inconsistency, it will give formality check fail status wherein the candidate will be allowed an opportunity for alteration of the application and once everything is clear, the application will move for examination stage.

4. Examination of application

Logo registration in bangalore

When the application is filed and details are transferred, the Registrar/Examiner will investigate the application and set up an report. The report can have two of the discoveries:

The application is acknowledged and can be published in the journal. The application is dismissed on either absolute grounds or relative grounds (section 9 or section 11).

In view of the report, the analyst will require the candidate to document an answer to the assessment report expressing the grounds concerning why the imprint must be enrolled in the event of the subsequent choice.

On being persuaded by the answer, the Registrar will either acknowledge the application or reject it once more.

After being acknowledged, the logo registration in bangalore will be distributed in the diary for getting down on open protests.

5. Opposition

When the logo registration in bangalore is distributed, the normal public is allowed to call for opposition inside four months of distribution in the diary. When the opposition is recorded, notice will shipped off the candidate, who needs to document the answer to see inside one month from the notification’s date. At this stage, proof will likewise be submitted, and the matter will be posted for hearing.

6. Hearing

The Registrar will mark the date for hearing, and the gatherings need to introduce for something similar. The chance of the hearing will given for both the gatherings and afterward the Registrar will settle on the matter.

7. Registration

When the Registrar is fulfilled that the mark is equipped for being enrolled under logo registration in Bangalore, it will acknowledge the application and issue a testament of enlistment. A similar will be entered in the vault and distributed on the site.

Benefits of Logo registration


Registering through logo registration in Bangalore as a trademark gives you the need to utilize that mark. In the event that the logo isn’t reserved, you’re simply qualified for use it in your geographic territory. Without enlistment, somebody in a close by local area can utilize a comparative or even precisely the same logo, and it’s impossible there’s anything you can do to stop them, regardless of whether you utilized the logo first. Another person utilizing your logo can reduce the worth of your image and your items.


At the point when registered through logo registration in Bangalore with a brand name, you reserve the option to sue any individual who utilizes the logo without approval. Sometimes, essentially having the logo reserved can be sufficient to win the legal dispute. Sometimes, it’s even conceivable to bring criminal allegations against somebody for inappropriate utilization of a reserved logo.

When registration is done under logo registration in Bangalore it gives exclusive right to utilize the logo regarding services listed in the brand name. For an association and its brands, the logo plays an essential part in the ID process, and it should be protected and gotten enough every which way. In the event that you trade your organization with a renowned brand logo or name. And it should accomplish through lawfully with the trademark registration, or, in all likelihood it might get robbery. Thus, it is constantly prescribed to secure your image name with a brand name.

Registration under trademark registration in Bangalore or name as a Trademark will guarantee clients to distinguish your image effectively. Henceforth this way crowd can recognize your image as the brand name recognizes it. Individuals unquestionably embrace trust in a brand more who has the logo or name reserved. One of the primary advantages of brand names is that it stays perpetually with us. Not many of the acclaimed and legitimate brands today have been 100 years.

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